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Fast X is a box office hit, just not in the U.S.

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Batman’s most complicated series just hit Netflix

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Our burning questions about Fast X (and a few answers)

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The Little Mermaid live-action remake actually fixed the right character

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Shiv’s pregnancy is actually integral to her Succession story

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Watch the explosive sci-fi thriller Illang: The Wolf Brigade before it leaves Netflix

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Fast X was so big that it had to be run like a TV show

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The best mystery movie of the year is now on Netflix

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny traps Harrison Ford in the past

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a little cheaper if you’re new to Vudu

The 5 best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix and other streaming services this May

The Mario movie, Missing on Netflix, Quantumania, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

White Men Can’t Jump, but they sure can be in unfortunate remakes

Boy, that Fast X post-credits scene, OK, well, hmm

The best TV streaming devices

All the news we’ve heard about Mrs. Davis season 2 so far

Disney to remove Willow, Y: The Last Man, and original movies from Disney Plus and Hulu to save cash

You can buy the chrome gold Lamborghini Gallardo from Fast X

Damon Lindelof explains Mrs. Davis’ surprising finale and possible season 2 plans

All the Fast X: Part 2 news we’ve heard so far

What to remember about the Fast and Furious movies before watching Fast X

Disney World’s immersive Star Wars hotel will shut down in September

I ate the red Spider-Verse Whopper, but did not gain powers

If you are not watching The Other Two, you are missing out on TV’s best himbo

Why the D&D movie directors don’t mind their ‘cursed’ Tabaxi puppet

Futurama is coming back for season 11 later this summer

DC Comics really gets the brief with its first-ever swimsuit special

Killers of the Flower Moon trailer puts Leonardo DiCaprio among the wolves

To All the Boys’ spinoff XO, Kitty is Degrassi with a K-drama makeover

Let’s talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s two post-credits scenes

Nimona’s first Netflix teaser goes all-in on mocking Disney

Everyone in the Fast and Furious Family has two key traits

The best TV of 2023 so far

Al Ewing wants Immortal Thor to surpass his epic Immortal Hulk run: ‘I have to try’

The Creator trailer reveals an AI war epic from Star Wars: Rogue One director

Universal Studios Orlando reveals more of Minion Land, where you can eat like a Minion

Fast X has the Fast and Furious franchise spinning its wheels

Marvel expects me to believe Kamala Khan’s gonna die for real next week?

X2 is the only X-Men movie that ever really nailed the X-formula

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 trailer shows the beginning of the end of the franchise

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