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There’s already a lofi take on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom music

Beats to defeat Ganondorf to

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has only been out for a week, but musicians have already made a lofi take on some of the game’s tracks. The album “LoFi of the Kingdom” runs through a number of songs (the full track list is in the YouTube video description) and includes a remix of the game’s theme, along with versions of tracks themed to certain regions. Some of these include Hateno Village, Forest Temple, and Gerudo Valley.

“LoFi of the Kingdom” was shared via YouTube channel GameChops, an independent video game record label. The album was created by Collab Cafe, and organized by YouTuber SageNine Music in collaboration with producers from the Reddit community r/LoFiHipHop, according to a comment SageNine Music left on the YouTube video.

Obviously, I have been listening to the tracks as I write this story. “Tears of the Kingdom” from Glitch x City has been a favorite so far, but I’m also partial to the “Kakariko Village” track from TheFloorIsLava. That said, you really can’t go wrong playing it from start to finish.

And if you run through this one and are looking for more lofi Zelda, I’d heartily recommend another great album that’s available on GameChops’ YouTube channel. The Zelda & Chill series from German music producer Mikel is excellent, and draws on songs from across the entire Zelda series. I love “Zelda & Chill III” in particular, but they’re all great.

We all know and love LoFi Girl — with her beats to study to — and this is one of the many lofi-style offshoots that have become her heir apparent. So, sit back and enjoy these Zelda lofi beats while you’re taking a break from running around Hyrule, and making weird-ass Ultrahand creations.

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