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Batman’s most complicated series just hit Netflix

Shiv’s pregnancy is actually integral to her Succession story

The best TV streaming devices

All the news we’ve heard about Mrs. Davis season 2 so far

Damon Lindelof explains Mrs. Davis’ surprising finale and possible season 2 plans

If you are not watching The Other Two, you are missing out on TV’s best himbo

Futurama is coming back for season 11 later this summer

To All the Boys’ spinoff XO, Kitty is Degrassi with a K-drama makeover

The best TV of 2023 so far

The lost episode of Dragon Ball Z narrated by Johnny Bravo has finally been found

The Bear’s season 2 trailer is extreme restaurant makeover

Archer’s superspy adventures are finally coming to an end after the series’ 14th season

Justified returns July 18 but WHAT is going on with Raylan’s hat?

David Tennant, Catherine Tate reunite in new Doctor Who special trailer

Fuches looks different on Barry now. That’s what Stephen Root wanted

Save $15 on one of the best wireless headsets for the Xbox Series X

The Last of Us season 2 is on hold due to the WGA writers’ strike

Disney Plus and Hulu are getting combined into one app (sorta)

They once made a whole Spider-Man show about the villain of Guardians 3, man

The Foundation season 2 trailer will make you want to suddenly catch up on Foundation

A Trigun fan account just turned a queer 2019 sci-fi novel into an Amazon bestseller

Netflix gets closer to Ash’s finale, with part 3 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys hitting in June

Good Omens is coming back for a new season this summer

James Gunn’s new DC universe will finally explain what’s up with Weasel

Tom Holland’s The Crowded Room trailer is full of mysteries, but also that haircut

Andor creator steps away from Star Wars over strike

The Good Doctor goes unexpectedly viral with ‘I am a surgeon’ meme

Queen Charlotte’s gay butlers deserve a full spinoff

Never Have I Ever’s last season will be one hell of a senior year

Should Jury Duty’s duped star Ronald be eligible for TV’s highest acting honor?

All the House of the Dragon season 2 news we’ve heard so far

Why sad TV men are the internet’s ‘babygirls’

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